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Heartland Christian School

Payment Policy

At Heartland Christian School, we have been entrusted with a great privilege and responsibility.  We believe the future is literally in our children.  As a Christian school, all we do is to be grounded in God’s Word.  We are to be teaching our children the things and ways of God.  This includes imparting Biblical values on stewardship.  One way to demonstrate God’s values of stewardship is to model financial responsibility in the way we manage our finances, including the way in which we hold our school families accountable.


The Bible reminds us of God’s distaste for all forms of unpaid debt.

“Pay all your debts except the debt of love for others - never finish paying that!”  Romans 13:8


We do several fundraisers each school year because tuition does not cover the cost of operating Heartland Christian SchoolTo keep our tuition rates low and our fundraising events to a minimum, prompt payments are critical to the day-to-day operation of your school.


To this end, Heartland Christian School has the following policy regarding any type of monies that are owed to the school, including tuition, book fees, sports fees, etc.  This policy will be strictly adhered to.

  • Payments are due by the 5th  day of each month (book fees are due on the first day of school).
  • Payments received on the 6th or thereafter will be assessed a late fee of $30 which will be due by the first of the following month in which they were assessed.  Any late fees and/or other fees which are not timely paid will be be considered delinquent and subject to the terms herein.





30 Days Past Due

Accounts with balances that are 30 days past due become ineligible for any and all discounts to tuition rates.  Any discounts or reduced rates that had been applied for the past due month will be back-charged to your account.


60 Days Past Due

Your child’s privilege to participate and/or attend any extra-curricular school activity will be lost.  This includes but is not limited to sporting events and field trips.


90 Days Past Due

Your child may not return to school and appropriate collection methods will be pursued.

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