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Heartland Christian School


Since the beginning, the purpose of Heartland Christian School has been to provide a strong academic experience with Biblical truths and principles integrated into every subject.  Touching the lives of more families and educating more children is the higher priority.  If there was ever an opportunity for any family to be able to attend a private Christian school, that time is now.

We'd love to show you just what makes HCS home for our students and families.  Contact the school office to set up a time to talk about how a Christian education can be part of your family's future, or to schedule a visit.   We're confident once you see the difference in our Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary programs, as well as our After Care and Constant Care programs that you'll want to be an Eagle too!

Click on a menu link to learn more about how affordable a Christian education at HCS can be.  

Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood program is a  Biblically directed program that provides a loving and caring place for educating your child!  Specialized classroom programs for both 3-year-old and 4-year-old students  help your child learn not only basic skills, but Bible skills as well!  

Elementary and Secondary  

Our kindergarten-12th grade educational program is accredited by Christian Schools International, one of six independent accrediting groups recognized by the Iowa Department of Education.  Heartland Christian School uses the A Beka and Bob Jones University curriculum for all core classes.  Dave Ramsey's Foundation in Personal Finance and Generation Change [Finance] are used in Jr. High and High School.  

After School Care

Our After-Care program provides a safe, well-supervised childcare setting for children in our Early Childhood-Elementary programs after school.  After School Care is available for $2 an hour, or $5 maximum per day, per child. 

Constant Care, our whole-day childcare program, is available on many days when school is not in session due to scheduled breaks.  Constant Care is available for $20 per day.    To enroll, contact the school office.  

Summer Care

Camp Eagle, our summer care program is a ton of fun for kids!  Well-supervised activities, games, and crafts engage students every day and offer parents peace of mind when they need to be at work or seeing to other commitments.  Summer Care is available for $25 per day, per child.  Discounts may be available for multiple children enrolled from the same family.   To enroll, contact the school office.   

Heartland Christian School
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